The Spiderman Series

Andrea Alegria

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The Spiderman series has been a worldwide phenomenon, with 7 movies and 4 different actors, as of March, 2019.

The original Spiderman movie was released in 2002.  Peter Parker was portrayed by Tobey Maguire.He then played Peter Parker aka Spiderman in the next 2 movies however after that, his role as Spiderman quickly ended.

After that, was the start of the least popular Spiderman series, The-Amazing Spiderman.This Peter Parker was played by Andrew Garfield. This movie, and the one after that was quite different from the first 3, with Peter having a completely different love interest, as  well as a younger aunt and uncle, and a difference to the story line.

The romance in these movies were definitely a bigger part of the plot that the ones before, which had mixed feelings. Many people didn’t like it since it took a longer time for the action to start, and when you think of a superhero movie, you don’t usually put it in the romance genre.

Spiderman: Homecoming was probably the most well received Spiderman movie, next to the first couple. The movie was released only 2 years ago, with Tom Holland, a teens-heartthrob, playing Peter Parker.

This movie goes back to giving Peter his original love interest, as well his upbeat and nerdy personalities from the first couple of movies. However, it’s very different from the rest of the movies in terms of the plot.

The movie surrounds the beginning of Spiderman, or his origins; how he got bit, learning to control his powers. Although the movie was more about the beginning of the story, it managed to have a lot of action in it, more action than the 2 movies with Andrew Garfield combined.

Fans are currently waiting for the continuation of this series, and curious to see whether it will be the best one yet.

However, Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse, is the most recent movie, but most people take it as a spin-off rather than an actual Spiderman movie. It’s the first animated Spiderman movie ever, with lots of new characters. The movie is about 5 different dimensions where there’s a different Spiderman being in every one.

Miles Morales is the newest to join, and he’s also the main character. The other Spiderman’s consist of Gwen Stacy, which is also Peter Parker’s love interest in The Amazing Spiderman, Peter Parker, Peter Porker, the pig cartoon Spiderman, Peni Parker, the Japanese anime Spiderman, and another Peter Parker from the 1930’s.

As you can tell from the characters, this was definitely one of the most interesting Spiderman’s in a while, because the plot always had something interesting throughout the entire movie.

The first spiderman series is the best, because it was the original, it had the perfect amount of action, and the actors were very talented. After that, I think the animated version of Spiderman was the best, because it brought something new to the table, as well as being very entertaining and funny.

Spiderman: Homecoming would probably be next since it seems to be the best paced, and since that Peter Parker is added to the Avengers, it might be the last Spiderman we’ll get. And finally, The Amazing Spiderman will be last. It wasn’t a bad movie, but compared to the other Spiderman’s, it felt more like a filler than it did anything else.

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