The Life and Legacy of Luke Perry

Nisha Jha

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On Monday March 4th, Luke Perry died at Saint Joseph Medical Center Burbank,in Burbank, California at 52.  Perry suffered a stroke just 5 days prior. Doctors believed he was recovering nicely until he began to fall ill again just 2 days before his death .

Many were shocked to hear that Perry, who was so young and had a stroke. However, according to USA Today, Strokes can be more fatal for young/middle aged men. Swelling in the brain is much faster in the elderly which can lead to a speedy recovery, which Perry unfortunately did not have.

Perry was very well known among Americans,and was best remembered for his role as Dylan McKay on 91210. Younger audiences will miss him play Fred Andrews on the popular CW show Riverdale as Archie Andrews dad.

The CW network has shut down production since Perry’s death. Writer’s of Riverdale wrote on Twitter, “Luke Perry… you were a joyful and vibrant soul. You will be missed but most certainly your legacy will be remembered forever. Rest in love and peace, friend.”

Another shocking turn of events were revealed. According to Newsweek, Perry was engaged to longtime girlfriend,Wendy Bauer according to his rep. Perry never had the chance to publicly announce the now bittersweet news. She and many other loved ones surrounded him moments before he passed away, including his children, parents, siblings, and ex wife.

Luke Perry will forever be remembered fondly. On television, he went from dreamy bad boy on 91210 to the best on screen dad in Riverdale. Even off screen, he was known for his adoration for his children. Mirror reports that Perry  left everything to them. Luke Perry will be greatly missed by those he touched in his life on and off screen.

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