Trendy BTS items

Malayka Ghauri

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For some students school supply shopping is the best thing about back to school season. Everyone is rushing around for the trendiest items for this back to school season. From backpacks to pens these are the supplies in the highest demand this 2018-2019 back to school season. The number one item is new backpacks.


  • The first backpack is a Kanken, the prices vary from 80 to 200 dollars. It depends on the colors and the style. These are on the more pricey side but they are high quality and very durable.


  • The second one is Jansport backpacks. These are more price friendly, they sell from 30 to 100 dollars. They are very affordable and very sturdy, they also won’t rip easily.


  • The third one is clear backpacks. These backpacks cost around 16 dollars. They are very cute and cheap. But one thing is that everyone can see everything in your backpack.


  • The fourth one is gel pens. Why? Because they are cute and everyone wants them. They aren’t very expensive you can get them for six dollars at stores like Target and Walmart. They come in so many colors and last a long time.


  • The fifth thing is Case-it binders. These binders go from 15 to 40 dollars. They can hold a lot of papers and they are super durable and affordable. They come in many colors and styles.


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