Logan Paul’s Mistake


Tess Kasunic

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Recently, Youtube star Logan Paul has gotten himself in lots of trouble. Logan Paul is a 21 year old social media sensation with nearly 16 million subscribers on Youtube.

He is best known for his everyday vlogs, which is basically a video that he posts everyday capturing his crazy life. He made a promise to his subscribers, he calls the “Logang”, that he will post a video of his life every single day in order to bring them a few minutes of happiness throughout their day.

He broke his promise nearly 2 weeks ago when he posted his everyday vlog like usual, but this time it contained some sensitive material. He decided to visit a suicide forest in Japan and vlog his time there. While he was in the forest, he came across a person who just committed suicide and he videotaped the entire thing.

He, like most would be, was shocked when he came across the dead body. In his vlog, he was still seen cracking jokes and laughing while he was right in front of the dead body. This video went viral, making it one of Youtube’s trending videos. It was then taken down the next day after Paul received millions of hate comments on his post.

It is unclear if Youtube decided to take the video down or if Paul decided to himself after seeing all the negative comments that came along with it. This topic is so controversial because millions of people are completely bashing him and saying he should have never put the video up in the first place because he should know that the material is so sensitive.

The majority of his subscribers are children under the age of 13, so when parents found out their children had watched a video of a person who had just committed suicide, the parents immediately banned their children from watching his channel ever again. He quickly began to lose millions of subscribers which also greatly impacts Youtube as a whole.

Youtube is now losing lots of money because people are saying they should’ve removed the video right after he posted it, but instead it was almost a whole 24 hours before it got taken down.

On the other hand, there are still millions of people who say he was just in shock and he deserves a second chance. They say that he is just 21 years old and made a single mistake so he should be able to return to Youtube. The day after Paul posted the video, he posted another 2 minute clip apologizing for what he had done. Many people say the apology sounded forced and wasn’t a true apology.

It has been almost 2 weeks since this incident and Paul has not posted anything on any of his social media accounts. Recently, a reporter asked him if he was going to be returning to YouTube and he said “Yes, very soon.” It looks as if he will be returning, although nobody really knows when it will be.

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Logan Paul’s Mistake