“Everyday Struggle”


Stefan Siewe

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The most significant thing in 2017 in my opinion was the introduction of the show “Everyday Struggle”  to the eyes of the hip-hop community. It’s the most significant thing of 2017 because as soon as Complex introduced the hip-hop debate talk show, it was a hit. Many were enamored by the chemistry between veteran rapper Joe Budden, internet personality DJ Akademiks, and moderator Nadeska Alexis. They were energetic and definitely kept it real about industry politics and drama in the hip-hop world. As they started off, the witty banter made people really understand that this show was a hit, and then they blew up due to Joe Budden the host and creator. He stayed true to form and exposed and confronted Lil Yachty for no knowing very much about his deal with Capitol Records, and not knowing what exactly he wanted out of hip-hop. Then after that incident, the trio jumped from Youtube to television screens all over, and to cover the BET awards. This was where one of 2017’s most infamous moments occurred when Joe Budden, in true Joe Budden fashion, interrupted his co host DJ Akademiks from interviewing the popular rap group Migos which lead to an almost-altercation between Joe Budden and Migos. But even after memorable moments like this,sadly even the best things must die sometime which very well may be coming for “Everyday Struggle”  since Joe Budden has now let the show due to contract disputes and Complex has stopped uploading episodes.


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