Reality or Fake?

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The best movies of all time are the ones that gets someone to think about their reality. Where they question their surroundings, and rethink their opinion on the entire world. There is one movie in particular that can do this. And it is the movie The Matrix, where a man realizes the world isn’t what he truly thinks it is. Only to find out that where he is actually living is all a computer based dream and the real world is controlled by robots and the human race is sleeping until their death where they wake from their sleep out of their pod and are killed by the robots in the real world.

As we seen robots today we don’t think they could ever take over like they have in The Matrix but shouldn’t it be something we should consider? After all, technology is always advancing and scientist are always creating for the future. But could all this creating turn back on us? Many people disagree, but The Matrix does a good job in making us think they possibly could. Movies are this one have a way of making the people double check our “Modern world”, because the movie does a great job in the Deja Vu affect where in the movie, “There’s a glitch in the system.” Where the main character Neo has a Deja Vu affect, but the reality is that the government has switched something within the system and it means trouble. So wouldn’t that make someone think? The government after all is making such changes currently and is as mysterious as the government in the movie. There’s many different scenarios in this movies that gets one thinking about the government and if they could do something related to this or if they already have?

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