Music Review: Minus the bear- Menos el oso review

Joseph Mutamba

Minus the bear is a Seattle based indie band formed back in 2001. Most Seattle based bands try to mimic the sound of the grunge gods like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and pearl jam etc. But this band did something entirely different. The band’s second album is a huge leap from their first album where the math rock fret board tapping extravaganza was replaced with glitchy sounds (thanks to the famous Line 6 DL4) catchy riffs and hip hop, pop hybrid beat. The album tells stories about finding love relaxing on the Mexican beach and basically their entire trip to Mexico hence the name Menos el oso. The opening song The game needed me, listeners would notice immediately that the band has already started exploring other ways of making music because it sounds nothing like they have ever written. The album also debut with the band’s staple song Pachuca Sunrise which is a fan favorite. Songs like the fix and drilling shows how well the band works together to make a fast paced exciting song and which is usually the high points of their concerts. And the album closer “This ain’t a surfin movie” is a perfect relaxing way to close the album. Menos el oso is considered their best LP among hardcore fans and it is easy to see why. Overall rating 4.5 stars.