Rogue One

Kimberly Roberts

Star Wars: Rogue One is a story about a rebel and a criminal who is sent to steal the plans for the Death Star. Tickets for the movie went on sale November 28th and people are getting really excited. The movie is set to come out December 16th in theaters everywhere. You can see the movie by purchasing a ticket and going and seeing it. Rogue One is a Star Wars story that doesn’t include any of the original characters but will set up the plot for the original trilogy. True Star Wars fans will be excited to see how the whole story got started. Rogue One is coming out just one year after Episode VII and is hoping to live up to the expectations of Star Wars movies. The movie shows how a rebel goes to the extremes to steal the plans for the Death Star so the rebellion can stop the evil Empire from destroying the universe. There are those who are not excited about the movie because it doesn’t have the original characters.