How to survive High School as a Freshman

Nisha Jha

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Dear Freshman, By now you aren’t getting lost on your way to class and you’ve  realized that all those years of you wrestling with your locker were completely useless since you don’t even use yours anymore . You’ve also come to the conclusion that High School is nothing like you heard it was, and you’re just going with the flow. But a word of advice from a former freshman couldn’t hurt.


Take pride in being a Jag. School spirit can seem silly, but something about this school brings the pride out in almost everyone.  Every spirit day, I made sure I wore yellow and went to the first few games. And it so worth it. Nothing quite says HIgh School like going to a football game with your friends. Wear your class colors, go to pep rallies and football games, even if the game is dry, the company is all that matters.


Go out for teams and clubs. Now it may be kind of late to join the sports team but if you can and you have a genuine interest in it, go for it. And if you don’t make it, don’t get discouraged. There is always next year. Which also gives you a lot of time to practice.  \


Alongside with Sports are clubs.  Clubs are a great way to meet people with similar which sounds cliché, I know but it’s true! This thursday (9/20) the school is hosting its annual club fair. It’s like shopping for clubs, a lot of club are setting up tables to have for the event and promoting their club. Some club won’t be there but you can see the whole list of clubs here.*


Study!Study!Study! While yes, you should have fun this is when your work starts to count the most. Most of you are taking your first AP and even if you aren’t you’re taking honors classes. It’s so important that you work hard and study so you can get your best grades. Create flashcards, study groups or just lock yourself in your room and study for an hour. Set goals for yourself, I know this sounds like a lot of school propaganda But it’s not, It’s so so important that you do all of this because High School is no fun when you’re failing.


There isn’t much else to say, but except that High School can suck but you can make efforts to make it better. And I know a lot of this sounds like advice that you have gotten from everyone, but it’s good advice. You’re finally at an age where you can make some decisions. Make the right ones.



An upperclassman

*(Disclaimer: not all clubs are featured on the list).

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