Three-Day Weekends Every Week

Lindsey Cascella

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Back to school season is dreaded by most students. School is actually a lot of work. Students must be at school for almost 7 hours, 5 days a week. Then, they go home, and have homework which can range from 1 to 2 hours of more school work.

They must keep up with their extracurricular activities, which can range from 1 to 3 hours a day, anywhere from 2 days to every day of the week. And they must do all this, while still maintaining a healthy sleeping schedule.

For students to keep their priorities straight and get everything done, they must make boundaries for themselves. Students need to discipline themselves, to decide things like how long to be on their phone, or what time they need to go to sleep, and make many other healthy decisions for themselves throughout the day, everyday.

School is pretty manageable when you’re younger. Once a student gets to high school, everything gets drastically more difficult. School is a lot of pressure on students, and some teens struggle very hard to keep up with it. It’s not because they aren’t smart or aren’t capable of performing well. It’s because they aren’t good at managing their time with such a tight, busy schedule.

In Colorado, 30 percent of school districts have four-day weeks. According to a paper in the journal Education Finance and Policy, schools that switched to four-day weeks, saw improvements in the math scores of their fourth and fifth graders. It also cut back on transportation cost. Many school districts have also seen drastic improvements in attendance.

Switching to four-day school weeks would take a lot of pressure and stress off of students. It would give them more time to relax and prepare for the coming week. It could also help students remain more focused with less days of school and waking up early in the mornings five days in a row. It gives them an opportunity to focus more on extra-curricular activities like sports. It could improve both student and teacher productivity.

MCPS should consider switching to a four-day week, which would clearly benefit the students. Although not many counties in the country actually use this schedule, it is something to recognize and possibly look in to.

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