The Despairing but yet Pleasure Life of a High School Senior. Why is this?

Veyonce George

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Senior season is the most fun but yet stressful and overwhelming season of all. Students worry about so much. College, finances, grades, graduation, and many other important things.  

This causes anxiety and pressure on us seniors. We encounter fear of decisions, fear of rejections, fear of finances, and fear of ability. Not only in the school building but at home our family, friends, and teachers are pushing us to stay on task and focus on our future.

This is very vital but in reality it can be difficult and exhausting.  Many seniors are aware of the struggle. I am dealing with it first hand. From taking SAT tests to applying for college and even stressing over prom and graduation. This is a lot of pressure put upon us.

Despite of all the compulsion, it is our decision to choose what’s best for us and what we want to do. Yes there may be some good or bad decisions we make. But they could always be altered. So as seniors lets enjoy our last year of high school and fight all the battles thrown against us because it is our fight.

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