Starting 9th Grade


Ava Decker

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If you’re in high school or went to high school, you’ve might of heard people chant “We hate freshman’s!” But in reality, freshman year is scary and challenging for all 9th graders.

Being a 9th grader myself, I can say that high school is very nerve wracking. Although, you eventually get used to the school and everything, it can take some time. It depends on the person.

First off, the high school I go to is way bigger than the middle school I went to. That is obviously the first challenge, trying not to get lost. In my old middle school, the 3 grades (6th, 7th, and 8th) had their own hallways. So most likely all your classes were in the same hallway.

However, that isn’t the same at Northwest. Your classes can be spread out through the entire school, and you can even have classes in the portables, and personally I have one class in the portables.

At Northwest, we have 7 minutes to get to each class. 7 minutes might seem like a long time, but it can fly by as you’re trying to make it to your next class. Rushing/running in the hallways isn’t the answer though. If you run in the hallways to class, chances are you might bump into someone and cause an injury either on yourself or the person you bumped into.

Second, classes become more challenging. You start getting more homework, harder quizzes, etc. In high school, your grades start to count. The college you go to is dependent on your high school grades. Obviously that’s very stressful because everyone wants to go to a good college to get a career. The stress level for high school students is so high, it’s crazy. Students have to go over notes all the time to make sure they pass their classes. Your middle school grades aren’t as important as high school grades.

I can definitely see myself become stressed later in the school year. Going into high school as a 14/15 and being forced to think about college is very stressful.

Clearly, going into high school isn’t easy. It takes time to get used to things and it takes time to become more comfortable with everything. I hope to have a great first year of high school here at Northwest.

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