Prom Dress Contraversy

Nhaya Vaidya

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Statement dresses are a staple at prom. They can be large ball gowns, two piece, or mermaid. Some students even chose to wear cultural dresses to prom. But, it is not okay to wear a cultural dress when you are not of that ethnicity.

Cultural appropriation has become a huge topic of debate that has come up within the past few years. While not always, it is mostly caucasian females who choose to take aspects of other cultures and wear them, claiming that it is the newest beauty trend.

High School Senior, Keziah Damu chose to wear a traditional Chinese cheongsam to her prom. She found it in a vintage store in Salt Lake City, Utah.

After posting pictures of it online she received backlash as people believed that she was cultural appropriation Chinese culture.

Damu claims that is was just a dress that she found pretty. Yet, others disagree. Jeremy Lam tweeted out, “My culture is NOT your… prom dress.”  That tweet now has 42,000 retweets and 178,000 likes.

To other Chinese, the cheongsam is more than just a dress, it is a symbol of the culture. There are those who believe that you just do not wear it if you are not Chinese.

I do not believe that Damu should have worn that dress and she was being culturally insensitive, yet others see nothing wrong with it.

Cultural appropriation is not something to brush off. People have to be educated on what is ok and not ok to do and wear without disrespecting years of culture and history.

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Prom Dress Contraversy