Then and Now

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Then and Now

Larissa Savitsky

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The school system that we have now has evolved a lot compared to what it was. These changes have been made in order to improve the education experience and conveniences for students. Even though the changes had good intentions not all of them were viewed as improvements in the eyes of the students. One of the big areas of change for MCPS school have been in their technology.

The big start from paper to digital chromebooks has grown so much that almost every teacher has their own chromebook cart. Which students are mostly happy with the new technology saying it’s more effective and easier to do classwork.

Although this isn’t always the case, some students prefer paper, claiming the internet isn’t always reliable, well others have a hard time getting internet access. Other student like the use of chromebooks but, think it’s over excessive, describing how it gets annoying when some have to use chromebooks it almost every class.

The 2016-2017 school year was the last for the grade checking program, edline as MCPS moved towards their new myMCPS portal application. The goal of MCPS, of changing from edline to portal was to try to expand myMCPS to provide more access for students. Edline is a program run by an outside organization which didn’t allow MCPS to have much control over how it was structured.

Some students say that edline was simple and much easier to check grades on, well others say that my MCPS portal is more organized and easier. Most students who had previously started using edline don’t like portal but most of the students who are less use to edline prefer the new MCPS portal.

When Chromebooks first erupted, teachers instantly started using google classroom. Although in the 2017-2018 school year, some teachers have broken away and started using another classroom called Canvas. Both of these programs are classroom that allow teachers to easily communicate assignments with their students, the big difference is how they are organized.

Out of the two classrooms the majority of students agree they prefer using google classroom. Most students think that Google classroom is organized simply and more conveniently compared to canvas. Students have also said, they have gotten use to how the google classroom works, and canvas can be confusing.

Although some changes have not been valued as much as others, MCPS will continue to make changes in order to try and improve student’s experiences at school.

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Then and Now