PC vs Console

Sebastian Chang

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Computers versus Gaming Consoles have been a large topic for the past couple years. It has created sides where people argue and have long and elaborated arguments over the two topics. It is a large controversy that people fight over. It can be related to whether pineapple should be on pizza or not. Computers can be used for more than just gaming or surfing the web. Consoles are faster and play the game on a better speed for cheaper.

Computers are more diverse and customizable. They can be used for almost anything. They can be used to do work, to relax and to have fun. Computers can also multitask, completing multiple tasks at one time. They can have a tab open of a summary of a book and another tab which is an assignment which has questions that need to be answered by the book. Computers have many different gaming platforms that consoles cannot run, they can play all the games that console can play and more. Along with that you can watch movies and videos, and listen to music all at the same time. Computers are also physically pleasing to look at. All the parts inside the computer are interchangeable. Each interchangeable part, of course each more giving the computer more power, must be compatible. They are very universal and can be changed entirely with the case or just one piece at a time. Computers are also fairly fast, being able to compute and process multiple things at one time.

Consoles are made just for gaming, they are strongly made for games. They can display a game in high quality with little to no lag. They are cheaper than common computers. They also don’t have high costing parts or confusing parts that we have to learn how to put together. For the sole purpose of gaming, consoles are strong suited in that type. They come with easy, handheld controllers, wireless and long lasting. They are also customizable on the joysticks and have very many other color ways.

Currently in the battle between pc vs consoles, pc is winning. They are more universal and versatile. They are stronger and faster. They can run multiple things at a time and can play multiple games at a time while a console can only run one game at a time.


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PC vs Console