Jamie Pincus

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I do not think it is right to make college such a competitive thing. It ruins the high school experience for me along with many other students. We do not have time to do fun things like people used to do during high school. Everyone is so caught up in getting into a certain college that they forget to live a little. I had recently interviewed my mom for my research class and she said her biggest regret in life in stressing too much in high school. She never got a chance to live her life freely. I am worried students today are going down the same path. When I hang out with my friends, we usually do homework or study. It takes away from the fun time we could have together. I spend so much energy focusing on my grades that I never go a day without thinking of school. It is getting harder and harder to get into college so students are forced to work harder and take rigorous classes that maybe are too hard for them. Teachers need to stop giving so many tests so we have time to study for other things like the SAT! Students need a break!


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