Senior Year

Anika Shastri

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What people don’t realize is that senior year isn’t all fun and games and plain relaxation. Senior year was probably the most stressful year of my entire academic career. Students have to juggle keeping up their grades, college applications, sometimes sports, and even extracurriculars all at once. It is so overwhelming and exhausting. Once the first semester of senior year is over and everything is sent in, it feels like a huge burden has been lifted off your shoulders. The only stress during second semester is keeping your grades up and studying for AP’s. I think the main stress that everyone has during their senior year is the pressure that is constantly being put on students from counselors, parents, colleges, friends, and the entire environment. College is coming up and people just want the best for these students but don’t realize how badly it physically and mentally drains everyone. Once one student gets one acceptance letter from any school, I cannot tell you how amazing it feels. Getting an acceptance letter just pumps you up and builds up your confidence once again. That is what senior year is.

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Senior Year