Politics in My Life

Ellie Wilson

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Politics has increasingly become a part of my life since the election, my family has a group chat where they send articles, things we can do, someone to call, a protest we all need to attend, and then pictures from those protests. I think it makes them feel better, I think that by doing these small things it gives them a little bit of hope. Then their are the messages when they are crying or to angry to write a coherent message, these are the messages that have the most impact on me. Seeing these people who throughout my life have greatly impacted me broken, sad, furious, hopeless, slowly realizing that maybe this is just the reality we live in now maybe that no matter how many protests they go to nothing will change, no matter how many times they call Paul Ryan nothing is going to happen. These are the messages that are increasingly affecting me, it’s seeing the people I love become hopeless and cynical. Anyone who has met me has heard me say at least once “my families insane” and they are but the time we spent together was some of the best memories I have maybe because they are insane. Now whenever I see them there are tears and anger and always a conversation about the screaming cheese puff that goes too far and scares me. My mom wants to renew our passports for Valentine’s day “just in case things go bad”, my uncle thinks this is the beginning of Armageddon,  my aunt is waiting for the doomsday clock to strike midnight, and my grandmother is counting down the days until Florida is under water. These are people who just last October were laughing and talking about all the amazing things they had planned for 2017. Where did that go? Where are the people never failed in making me smile? The simplest answer is it all went wrong that late November night. It was when the group chats  first message appeared on my screen. At first it was something to be excited about my phone was buzzing nonstop with the excitement of my family, then as the night wore on we all got that feeling in the pit of our stomachs that feeling that everyone has at least once but can’t put into words it’s a feeling of despair that something terrible is about to happen and you have no way of stopping it. It was then my phone was silent for 10 maybe 20 minutes before the texts changed. They changed to “maybe we would be better off if we just moved away” “please God don’t let this be real”. The excitement that we had, had turned to ashes in our mouth, the $100 dollar champagne that had been saved for this celebration was used to dull the pain of it, and the happy family I once had disappeared.


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Politics in My Life