Double Standard the New Standard

Nhaya Vaidya

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Politics in America today are becoming more and more ludicrous by the day. People who voted for our current “president” are now seeing the aftermath. The double standards as to making fun of former president Obama, who would golf occasional while now President Trump who has golfed for every single weekend since he was inaugurated. His wife is costing the New York City millions of dollars by staying in their penthouse. His press secretary, Sean Spicer, has cause more problems than not. He has lashed out at the press more than once. Spicer has lied on his first day on the job. His antics have become so crazy that Saturday Night Live has a skit with Melissa McCarthy making fun of what he says. While people thought that the new President would enact change he has done more harm than not. President Trump has signed 12 executive orders as of February 10. The most shocking being the travel ban of seven countries. Not one of which is harmful to the United States. Instead the states in which we have seen terrorist attacks and threats from countries that are business partners of the president. People have not stopped protesting since the dark day of November 7, and they will not stop. Rights should never be taken away, and refugees should never be turned away. All Americans with a conscious will do everything to protest this presidency and protect the rights of all people.

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Double Standard the New Standard