Computer Science

Kevin Tat

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Computer science should be a course that students take at least once in their high school career. In this class one learns several different programming languages, as well as problem solving skills and general coding format. Additionally one learns about computer logic which is extremely useful in average day applications. Finishing the computer science course awards the student with one math credit, only at the Advanced Placement level, which can be used to avoid taking a math course in one of the following years, although the path is not recommended.


From my experience in taking this course I learned how difficult an Advanced Placement class should be. Through the teacher Mr. Shwartzman, I learned of the rigorous high standards and difficulty of a college class. Each day the class challenged me with problems quite different from the norms of the average class. It was difficult but rewarding. Although the load was demanding the end the payoff of learning computer programming has provided me with vital thinking and cognitive skills.

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Computer Science