Comic Talk: Batman: The Dawnbreaker and Batman: The Drowned Reviews

Jason Fabok

Stefan Sani Siewe, Comic Book Expert

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Background: After the previous one-shots which serve as tie-ins to the “Dark Nights Metal event Batman: The Red Death, Batman: The Murder Machine comes “Dawnbreaker” and “The Drowned” which has “Dawnbreaker” focus on the Bruce Wayne(Batman) and Green Lantern hybrid while “The Drowned” focusing more on the Batman-Aquaman hybrid. “Dawnbreaker” was written by Sam Humphries(one of my favorite DC writers at the moment)  while Dan Abnett(ANOTHER  one of my favorite DC writers at the moment) wrote “The Drowned” .


Review: Both of these books had some very spectacular art and just the right guys to write them(with Humphries having wrote “Green Lanterns” while Abnett currently writes “Aquaman”, I really want to try to say something bad about these but I can’t. They do their job, they give context to these characters and make you understand their upbringing and how they became the tortured souls that they are. What I like with all of these tie-ins so far is that they make the catalyst someone different, the person who starts them down this road is always a guessing game, for “Red Death” it was a Robin or his whole city(I think Jason but idk), for “Murder Machine”, it was Alfred, now for The Drowned it’s a genderbend of Selina Kyle called “Sylvester Kyle” and Dawnbreaker has a very traditional catalyst with it being his parents. I love how they all have very daunting and horror themes while still very much also drawing in aspects of the non-batman character that the writer had for their hybrid. The authors did very great jobs of keeping that very vicious aspect of each of these characters alive and it seems to just shine with the great artists that they tie to these tie-ins. I give these two a combined score of 9.5 since I really liked this but it just wasn’t 10 worthy but it still very much did its job and made itself original despite how formulaic it is still. If you haven’t read “Murder Machine” or “Red Death”, the one-shots before these two, go read my review on them and then see if you want to read them.Jason Fabok

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