Meredith Feys

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The clock struck 12 and the air chilled around me. I looked around at the pitch black room with fear in my heart, my eyes wide. I heard a step behind me and I turned around, my hair falling in my face and blocking my sight.

Nobody was there.

I turned back around, my heart slowing to its normal speed. But as I faced forward again, a woman with hair black as the night back in a waist length braid and eyes a blood red stood staring at me, holding nothing but hate.

I felt her hands tighten around my throat and her smile turned menacing. I faded away…

I bolted upright on the couch where I fell asleep, heart pounding and sweat beaded across my skin and matting my long hair. It was only a nightmare.

But then the air chilled around me as I heard the ringing bell of a clock striking 12.

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